Friday, September 30, 2005

A tentative hello

I've never given much thought to blogging, I have to admit. But several things have recently changed that mindset. For starters, I've become an avid reader of Neil Gaiman's journal and enthralled with the musings of Magazine Man at Secondly, on Monday I'll turn 27. (I know, I know---still a spring chicken compared to many. But it's older than I want to be...though younger than I could be.)

So something Neil wrote the other day caught my attention: One of the best things about this blog, for me, is that it's the diary I don't keep. That thought's very appealing to a gal never able to keep a diary for more than a few months. I've several diaries with only the first 20 pages filled...and then nothing. Even the promise I made to myself while living in that country down under was only upheld for a few tumultuous weeks. Maybe I could be better about blogging. Then again, maybe not.

I can't promise I'll have anything really compelling to write about, like MM's crazy job/kids/life, but since no one's going to read this, I suppose I've nothing to lose. I kinda like the idea of going incognito, so I'll give it my best attempt here. I have no cool job or other reason for this precaution. But I do do stupid stuff. Often. And I'll be freer to write about these things if no one knows who I am. (Okay, besides those friends whom I beg to check out my blog.) So a bit about me:

  • I'm a journalist, in the loosest sense of the word. I attended two of the really big journalism schools, but haven't really accomplished anything terribly impressive with the mammoth education and contacts those Alma maters might belie. Actually, I'm an associate editor at a trade publication stuck squarely in the middle of the country.
  • I recently moved back to squarely in the middle of the country (otherwise known as my hometown) after several years in one of the nation's really big cities, where I worked first for a catalog that sold expensive toys to the rich and aimless and then for a travel trade pub.
  • I'm married to a guy I'll refer to as The Banker. It's what he does, but it also speaks to his personality. While I'm the chaos, he's the realist. The ying to my yang, perhaps.
  • We have three animals: two pugs and a cat. Two are rescues and the other's a brat. All are royal pains in the butt, but they're our children, and as such, we adore them. I'd like to rescue more, but The Banker has put the kibosh on any such transactions. Sure, I know he's right, but still...
I think that's plenty of blathering for now. As an editor, this concept is both freeing and frightening simultaneously. How's my grammar? Is that a run-on sentence? I'll need to learn to be a little bit less anal-retentive and a little more creative with this blog, which should be a refreshing challenge.

Wanna take any bets on the next time I get around to posting another entry? Let's hope this baby fares better than my unicorn diary of old...