Wednesday, September 15, 2010

An important first

Boo has begun preschool. It seems like a small step after her experiences with Mother's Day Out, but at the same time there's something quite different about this "first." She's officially started school--a foray into an education system that (hopefully) won't spit her out again until she has a college degree or two. Here she is on her first day:

Although I suppose I wouldn't be a true yuppy parent if I didn't also have her in a small Spanish class once a week. I so hope she can effortlessly master the language that her mother pitifully destroys during infrequent use.

But we're also doing some "school time" on our own as well. Becca has asked to learn to read. So, in a move that will no doubt make her preschool teachers hiss with disapproval, I've started giving her daily lessons from the book Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons. The book came highly recommended by some homeschooling moms I know and teaches reading based on phonics, which is the way I learned to read too many years ago. But only four years later when Sister #1 entered school, the curriculum had changed and she learned to read based on sight recognition alone. The difference between our love and ease of reading is immense. I only hope my efforts will make Boo a voracious reader rather than someone who takes years to finish a single novel. (Still love you anyway, Sis!!)

So this fall is one of many firsts, where my toddler towers above her classmates, forcing her mom to recognize she's not so little anymore.