Friday, November 02, 2012

It's A Zoo In Here

Well this is certainly abandoned territory, isn't it? Although it certainly isn't the ONLY forgotten pastime since the boys arrived this summer.

Truth be told, for someone who had her "stuff" at least fairly organized and put together, adapting to this new normal has been a little tough. Before, I didn't merely multi-task. I multi-multi-tasked. There was my freelance writing and editing career, charity work, involvement in Boo's preschool, time with friends, family get-togethers, workouts, house upkeep, and planning family adventures. My friends thought I was crazy to take on all that I did.

Clearly, things have changed. Post-it notes are piled seven-deep on my desk with reminders of things I need to get accomplished. For someone who never let her to-do list get the better of her, I've been most thoroughly beaten. The priorities have shifted. Twins aren't double the work--they're more like triple the load (and on tough days, even more than that). Constant feedings, diaper changes, messes to be cleaned and laundry to be handled. Often, the boys decide not to nap at the same time. Conor has physical therapy several times a month to help stretch and strengthen his poor neck, which got cramped up in the womb.

And this doesn't touch upon what needs to be done to keep up with Boo now that she's a big kindergartener! Homework, lunches, reading time, school functions planned for and attended, gymnastics, Daisies, and Tae Kwan Do.

In the meantime, articles are due, the dog needs her shots, I have letters to write, family portraits to coordinate, doctor's appointments to make. In anticipation for the holidays, I'm trying to carefully plan ahead, shop sales online and hope for the best.

There are days when it's all a bit much, honestly. (I should be stealing a few minutes sleep instead of updating here. I've been going since 5:30 this morning and won't fall exhausted onto my pillow until 11.) I've become one of those crazy moms, spread a bit too thin at times. But I try to pause a few times a day and recognize how quickly this time is passing. The boys are 5 months now--such a fun, engaging time. All this, even the ugly, messy parts are a blessing. We worked dang hard to get here. And I try to capture moments like these amidst the chaos (Boo the zookeeper and her animals):