Tuesday, October 04, 2005

You can feel it in the air

There's nothing quite like the feeling that fall brings. The smells and sounds, all coupled with a pulse that courses through the air, seeming to electrify everything. It's my favorite season, followed only by spring. There's something about the way everything is being transformed during these seasons. The wind almost crackles with the potential for change. And there's no shortage of that seemingly headed my way. And while I typically invite chaos in almost all its forms, I have the sense that some big decisions will be made, bringing with them big changes.

Nope, still not ready to come down on either side of the fence on any of the issues currently lurking about. Instead, I think I'll lose myself in this amazing description of fall from the incredibly talented Magazine Man:

For reasons I can't adequately explain, I've always looked forward to October. Better writers than I have extolled the many odd and wonderful virtues of October--the crisp breezes that bring smells of wood smoke and apples gone to vinegar; the sound of dried leaves, dried cornstalks, rustling in the forests and fields; the fundamental and overwhelming feeling of change in the air, of mystery, and always a mystery that seems to beckons to you specifically.

It is a month of transition, and maybe that's why I look forward to it, along with others who revel in the variety of change, who hate the sameness of one day to the next. Because October is the antithesis of the status quo, every moment of it is about change. Color giving way to pallor. Frost in the night, shirt-sleeve sunny heat in the day. Blinding bright mornings melting to sullen, drizzly afternoons. It is the buffer between times of the year that are truly warm and truly cold, and so contains elements of both in unpredictable measure, but belongs to neither one.

My gawd. This man, whoever he may be, is so exquisitely talented it hurts a little. I'd have a million of his babies. Although, he seems to have his hands more than full with the two he already has.

And I have to admit, my hands are more than full with these guys:


Rosa Benito said...
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Magazine Man said...

Oh my. A million? Can I use that as a blurb on my next book?

God, when I think of all the wasted mental energy I expended over the years coming up with perfect pick-up lines. I should have just talked about why I like October so much.

This was very sweet. Of course, you could just be buttering me up to win your bid in the crap auction. Aha! I'm onto you. :-)